Becoming A Virtual Assistant: My Journey Into Entrepreneurship

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Woman on laptop, working from home as a Virtual Assistant.

My journey into entrepreneurship was an unexpected twist in my life. 

Starting and running a business was the furthest thing from my mind, and years prior to be started it, I doubted I had what it takes. 

However, life has a way of reshaping our thoughts and mindsets, and it all began during a time of healing when my path took an unforeseen turn.

The First Lesson

In February 2017, while I was working as a barber/hairstylist, I faced a significant setback when I slipped on ice and injured myself. 

Dislocated ankle, torn tendons and ligamnets and a cast to go along with it.

I was out of commission.

This injury forced me to take time off work, providing a chance for self-reflection and growth. 

It was during this healing period that I embarked on a spiritual journey, discovering more about me, growing from within and realizing there was more to life than my current career.

This was just the tip of the iceberg into something more. Something I had only scratched the surface of.

The universe had more lessons in store, but it wasn't until later that I fully understood the healing that needed to occur in my body and soul.

Discovering a New Path

Amid this journey of healing, I began to understand that I was destined for something greater than my current profession. 

I had lost my passion for hairstyling and felt a strong desire for change. 

The injury pushed me to do some deep introspection through journaling and meditation, leading me to realize that I had evolved and outgrown my previous aspirations. 

I wanted a fresh start, but I was unsure of what lay ahead.

So when the opportunity came up a year or so later to move across the country with my boyfriend… I took the leap.

It was time to start something new.


The Pit Stop

By May 2018, I had moved to a new city but was still uncertain about my career path. 

I knew I needed something, even if it was temporary.

So I started applying for jobs.

I was open to the idea of learning and doing something different.

And in the process, I hoped it would allow me to find my new path.

I found a job as a part-time job Guest Service Representative and a couple of months later another part-time job as a Sales Associate.

These jobs were helping with the bills but I knew they were just the stepping stone to something more.

While working these jobs, I started a blog as a way to explore my interests and venture into the online world, even though I didn't fully grasp the significance at the time.

The Second Lesson

In February 2019, I reinjured the same ankle, leading to surgery and yet again signalling another lesson from the universe. 

This time, I paid closer attention and allowed the universe to guide me toward self-discovery. 

I allowed it to give me the answers to the questions that I didn't even know I was asking.

It was during this period that I stumbled upon the world of Virtual Assisting and online work, igniting a newfound passion within me.


The Fuel That Ignited The Fire

The discovery of Virtual Assisting felt like finding my calling. 

This was what I was searching for!

The more I delved into this world, the more my passion grew.

I had found something to ignite the fuel within me.

The more I learned, the more I could feel that fire burning within me.

This was my next path.

In June 2019, I took the leap and signed my first client, marking the birth of my entrepreneurial journey.


The Kick In The Butt

Starting my business wasn't without challenges. 

Initially, I struggled to gain more clients while juggling my VA business with two part-time jobs.

I was applying to jobs, having discovery calls and just desperately wanting to sign on more clients but not having luck.

My one and only client at the time was only needing a few hours here and there and it really wasn’t much of a business.

I had big dreams of where I wanted things to go but it felt so far out of reach. 

However, the universe had bigger plans for me (yet again).

In the early months of 2020 (right before the pandemic hit and the world changed), I unexpectedly lost not one but both part-time jobs in a span of 5 days! 

Talk about a HOLY CRAP moment! 

As bad as it felt at the time, it was everything I needed to push me to fully commit to my business.

That loss was the fuel I needed to light the fire and “go all in.”

The Sky Is The Limit


Since going full-time in my business in the summer of 2020, my success has soared. 

Drawing from my customer service experience and passion for supporting clients, my business surpassed my wildest dreams. 

I expanded my team, offering new services and continually seeking growth opportunities.

As of August 2023, I have been a Virtual Assistant for four years, and my journey has been filled with growth and evolution. 

Although my path was not what I originally planned, the universe's lessons and unexpected changes led me to a life I never imagined. 

Through injuries, job losses and more, I learned to embrace change and find clarity in pursuing my true purpose. 

Today, I believe the sky's the limit, and I am excited to see where my entrepreneurial journey takes me next.

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