Client Love


Love notes from current & past clients throughout the years!


- Stephanie Jane, Business Coach

"Working with Cindy has been one of the BEST decisions I've made in my business! Before we started working together, I was scrambling and trying to get everything done in my business (on top of working a crazy 9-5!). Working with Cindy allowed me to lessen a lot of my workload on a lot of admin things in my business so I could focus on my zone of genius: coaching, selling and connecting with my community online. Through working together, I was able to scale my business to $200k in sales on top of working in a 9-5 and I wouldn't have been able to do it without her! If you are thinking of having a sidekick on your team that will be on top of things (and remind YOU to get shit done lol!), Cindy is your person!"

- Tiff Cheng

"I have worked with Cindy for nearly 9 months now and it has been amazing! Cindy has been such a wonderful help, being able to assist me with lead generation, social media tasks and client management. Having her support has not only created so much free time but I’ve been able to focus on the things that I love about my business. Cindy has helped create real genuine relationships which turned into amazing clients, help me set up courses and group programmes and be there as a second pair of eyes when I needed them. Cindy really cares about my business and it shows, it feels amazing to have her as part of the team and I recommend her to anyone who is looking for support."

- Lily Hazel

" I went through many VA’s before finding Cindy. She is the most efficient, thorough, and diligent VA and social media manager I’ve ever come across in 4 years full-time online.

She has helped me in taking care of social media (posting/scheduling, community engagement, graphics etc), all things Kajabi (sales pages, course setup, website etc) email and calendar management, sending contracts and payment, client support and beyond.

I confidently send all of my clients to her, who are also always happy with her work, and I recommend her to my successful online entrepreneur friends without a worry. We had a brief break while working together and without her, my business suffered. I'm terrified to hire anyone else because she is amazing at what she does and she cares so much for my business.

I can’t recommend her enough, but also want to keep her all to myself because she never needs to be asked twice and she always goes above and beyond my expectations. Good luck finding another Cindy! "

- Stephanie Starr, Multiple 6-figure Online Business Mentor

"Cindy was an absolute joy to work with. She not only set up all the processes, shared ideas and best practices, and was organized and efficient in her work (which is so helpful for me), she was always on top of her work. I never had to check in with her unless I needed to change something about our engagement plan or had a question. I was able to completely take my social engagement off my plate and watch my account grow with qualified leads while I focused on my business. She also quickly picked up my talking style and did a great job of helping me to communicate with leads. If you have a chance to work with Cindy, absolutely do it!"

- Melanie Weigel

"Working with Cindy is such a pleasure. I needed help with branding and creating templates for social media and email. She created beautiful graphics that matched the feeling I wanted to convey with my brand. 

She’s prompt with her communication and explains things thoroughly. There are a few areas that I am really lacking (anything tech basically) and she's so knowledgeable in these areas - it’s such a blessing to know I can rely on her to take up the slack in areas that I’m not comfortable with. I feel so lucky she was referred to me and I will happily continue to use her services! "

- Evelyn Steel

"Cindy was amazing to work with!! She seriously helped kickstart my growth on Instagram. I gained over 100 followers in under 30 days from her engagement. I also have over 40 leads in my DM's who meet my Ideal client criteria. I was very impressed with her understanding of Ideal clients and even helping me pivot at some points. As a branding and marketing consultant, it was hard for me to outsource this aspect of my business because I struggled to find someone who truly understands how to generate leads through social media. Cindy's process is very similar to a proven lead generation process I use with my clients so I can't recommend her enough."

- Katelyn Williams

"Working with Cindy has been amazing! She is beyond knowledgeable and helpful. She has helped me with my Instagram engagement as well as created INCREDIBLE sales pages for me in Kajabi! She’s also wonderful at filling you in on how certain things in Kajabi works and an awesome person to bounce ideas from. I’m so grateful our paths have crossed and having the opportunity to work with Cindy."

- Hillary McGinnis, Business Mentor

"Working with Cindy has been so amazing and so easy. Cindy has been all that and more. Not only is she a great VA on our phone calls, but even off, she's always willing to answer any questions and go into full detail. 

When I was looking for VA, I was looking for someone who was willing to work with me and understand me and know what I want from my business. The great thing about Cindy is that she knows exactly what is necessary and what would work best for me. 

Being such a busy person, it was definitely helpful and smart for me to hire a VA. Cindy has definitely been so helpful. She knows exactly what she's doing. 

Finding those people who are your potential clients is really one of her strong suits. She organizes everything in a folder, it was really helpful to see to have a visual of everything. I’ve gotten a lot of leads from her work. And she has really helped my Instagram account grow and also put my name out there. 

Overall I would say working with Cindy has been such a positive experience. She's always looking to do better and looking for new strategies on how to help her clients and it's really, really refreshing and helpful. I would rate my experience with her a 10 out of 10."

- Jas

"Thank you so very much for managing our social media for Facebook and Instagram. Doing content creation, caption writing, social media engagement and keeping social media platforms up to date. It was really easy working with you and will continue to work with you and will very much recommend you to anyone. Many thanks!"

- Ureve Inc

"Working with Cindy has been absolutely amazing! She has done engagement for a couple of my accounts at different times. On each of them she has been flexible with how I want the engagement done. She does an amazing job! She has helped me gain so many leads in my DMs on the daily! She is very easy going and open to feedback and to improving! Highly recommend working with Cindy!"

- Anna Heckadon

"Cindy has been a game-changer for my business - she was not only able to raise my engagement; but she also discovered a bug in my Instagram causing me to not be seen on the app! I appreciate her willingness to share her insights and actually teach me how to properly engage to help my account grow with ideal clients! Cindy is an absolute Must-Have when it comes to social media management. Highly recommend her!!"

- Crystal Chitel

"Cindy is the very best support and the most capable VA you can possibly hire. Her ability to see a creative project and bring it to life is uncanny.

Everything from working with Kajabi, to creating incredible landing pages and setting up automation, pretty much anything and everything you need, she can help with.

10 out of 10 recommend"

- Sapha, Feminine Embodiment & Relationship Mentor

"Cindy was our right-hand-woman when it came to building out our course in Kajabi. She was always there to answer questions and jump in when needed. She turned what could have been a very hectic situation into a pleasant one!"

- Sonia Kriger-Smith, Online Business Manager

"Cindy helped me manage my business operational tasks so that I could focus on client delivery and growing my business. I not only got my free time and brain space back but I was able to take on more clients with Cindy's support. Cindy is extremely reliable, efficient and has attention to detail, so passing across your business tasks to her you can trust that it'll be done well! I know when I need support again in my business I'll be running right back to her."

- Lily at Hazell Studios, Podcast Manager

"I highly recommend working with Cindy! Cindy supported me as a VA and graphic designer in my online coaching business and for our online summit. Cindy is super reliable, competent, friendly, helpful, patient and always went out of her way to provide exactly what I needed for my business. Cindy, thank you from the bottom of my heart for our awesome cooperation - I absolutely loved working with you!"

- Nadescha San Stenzel, Business Mentor

"Thank you for being authentic and making a difficult decision for me so easy. Loved all your work and help. You are really amazing."

- Kelly Greenslade, PersonalĀ Trainer & Sports Nutritionist

"I was drowning in admin and headed for burnout.

My business was successful and growing but the admin was growing and taking up too much of my time.

You were my second brain! You were able to hit the ground running and learn my business very quickly which was such a huge relief to me.

Everything was completed on or ahead of schedule and to a very high standard. You were my biggest cheerleader when I needed it most and always had great suggestions for ways to do things better and more efficiently.

Your service level, graciousness, and calmness are great assets, thank you for everything!

Hire Cindy right now! There are only good things to come!"

- Becca Francis, Human Design Coach