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As a busy coach or online service provider, you know that it takes A LOT to run your business.

But here's the thing... YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO IT ALONE!

Hiring a Virtual Assistant (like myself) can free up the tasks that are taking you away from the important things like...

✔ Spending quality time with the ones you love

✔ Doing more of the things you love (cooking, travelling, reading - whatever it is!)

✔ Focusing in on what brings you joy in your business (aka YOUR ZONE OF GENIUS)

Let me support you in your vision, helping you so that you can level up your business without adding more stress!


Do What You Do Best And Outsource The Rest!

My Services

Get the support you need to achieve your business goals and more!

Monthly Retainers


Ideal for business owners needing ongoing support. With my monthly retainer packages, you can streamline your business operations and delegate various tasks. Whether it's admin work, tech support, social media management, or graphic design, I've got you covered. Say goodbye to daily business stress and hello to a seamless partnership with my monthly retainer services!

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One-Time Packages


Need help without a long-term commitment? My One-Time Packages are tailored for unique, one-time tasks. Perfect for coaches and service providers who occasionally require support or specialized services like Kajabi tasks (sales page design, opt-in page setup, or course creation). My One-Time Packages offer a convenient pay-as-you-need solution.

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1:1 Sessions


If you need immediate and personalized support for your online business, my 1:1 sessions are here for you. I offer tailored solutions to address your unique business needs, from fresh perspectives to technical assistance. You won't have to go it alone; we'll work together to ease the burdens of running a business, ensuring your online business thrives.

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Ready To Level Up Your Business Right Now?

The Client Experience Bundle includes everything you need for a smooth and seamless client experience!

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Client Love


Stephanie Jane, Business Coach

I went through many VA’s before finding Cindy. She is the most efficient, thorough, and diligent VA and social media manager I’ve ever come across in 4 years full-time online.

She has helped me in taking care of social media (posting/scheduling, community engagement, graphics etc), all things Kajabi (sales pages, course setup, website etc) email and calendar management, sending contracts and payment, client support and beyond.

I confidently send all of my clients to her, who are also always happy with her work, and I recommend her to my successful online entrepreneur friends without a worry. We had a brief break while working together and without her, my business suffered. I'm terrified to hire anyone else because she is amazing at what she does and she cares so much for my business.

I can’t recommend her enough, but also want to keep her all to myself because she never needs to be asked twice and she always goes above and beyond my expectations. Good luck finding another Cindy!

Stephanie Starr, Multiple 6-figure Online Business Mentor